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Sunrise over the Wheat Field


By Dawn Arteaga

Warayay is the Quechua word for, "to begin to brighten with daylight.” Dawn's husband offered this name to blend his Ecuadorian roots with her name. It brings the spirit of rising communications that lifts all; the qualities that Dawn works to bring through her experience in digital communication and network strategy.


At the core of this name is a belief that forming deep connections to people different from us is the only way to lift ourselves, find peace and transform the world. 

Connections between people of different backgrounds, contexts and access to power are at the center of successful movements and at the center of finding opportunities to truly lift one another up.

Warayay Communications supports projects that bring different voices together in pursuit of a more just world. That could be as big as building strong distributed networks that have the strength to topple archaic systems of oppression, or as small as facilitating a one-hour call that invites new voices to speak truth to power.


Whatever your challenge is, we are here to bring the best digital tools and practices in distributed leadership together to begin to brighten your challenge with a little daylight.

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